Friday, January 15, 2016

Just an update hehe anyway i love muhd yusoff

Hi my dearest blog where i used to turn to whenever im sad back then. Ive poured every of my feelings here but as days goes by, nonody really use blog anymore. But anyway just a quick update on my life after years of not updating this blog haha, im happily attached w muhammad yusoff. Few years back when i started blogging, i used to be a fucked up girl who is always confuse w her love life and has been changing guys like changing clothes just because i feel like i didnt meet the right one yet. But today, right now, ans it's already 2016 btw. Im here to proudly update my blog and may this be the last post ever. I'm happily attached and i love my boyfriend so fucking much although he put me through so much pain but rest assured, he's the best i ever had. I said this not because he's my current boyfriend but really, maybe because with him im too comfortable and yes we created so so so much memories together. We just went through a rough patch of our life together but i guess thing happens fo a reason and fo that only reason will make us stronger than ever. Im totally over my past, like all of them. They sure a memory to me but it was just the past i wosh i cld just delete em off. Hahaha but i cant. Im moving forward w my life. It's been a year plus w yusoff, and i thank god fo everything. We had enough of fights. Right now, we are rest our minds and try to compromise. Just fo memory sake, i would like to say that IVE ALREADY FOUND THE MAN I WANT TO MARRY AND HE IS MUHAMMAD YUSOFF BIN SAID AHMAD. I love you so much sayang. After all we've been through, i hope we are stronger. And i hope we will make it happen to all our plans fo our future. We're working adults now, earning ourselves so im sure nothing will come between us if we keep on striving fo what we want. And fo that i am hoping from both sidemof parents to give us the blessing of being tgt. Muhd yusoff, if ever one day you'll read this, pls take note, i love you so much and lets get married soon <3

Monday, January 30, 2012

A day without you, is like a disaster day for me! i love you